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The Double Power Spanking Machine w/ Paddle


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Here we have the DOUBLE POWER UPRIGHT MODEL of the 4 spanking machines I sell (Please see other listings for the SINGLE POWERED model and others), THE SPANKING MACHINE

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Below is a link to a youtube video of the 4 machines I sell in action

The upright spanking machine is designed to be a great stand-alone piece of adult furniture.

The upright Spanking machine is built to the same standards of excellence and extreme performance as everything else in my shop. This piece is built from Welded steel and has been finished in power coated black gloss along with matching fittings. this creates a very strong and rigid structure that remains relatively light in weight. The machine is quick and easy to take down, assemble, and adjust… it uses a specially designed base that slows the bench to be packed away quickly and easily with the turn of 3 hand screws.  The Machine includes on the base non-slip, non-marking rubber feet on the four corners for safe and secure use on any surface.

The Spanking machine offers the stability and paddle-to-target adjustment and control you would expect for a device such as this. The spanker mount provides full infinite adjust-ability for paddle height, angle, and front-to-back spacing for that “just right” attack angle.

This model of the machine comes with not one but two rams as standard, what this means is, you can effectively double the power of the machine to 500 pounds of force behind each stroke!

Here is what you get with this model as standard.

(Please note for a cheaper price some of these can be removed but they will diminish the benches capability)

The Spanker Mount. Leveraging the exceptional strength and rigidity of the aluminium extrusion, the the Spanker Mount creates a solid mount for your spanking machine. It’s also totally adjustable, providing infinite adjust ability in height, back-off (distance between rear of bench top and paddle when perpendicular), and angle. The Spanker Mount consists of three lengths of extrusion, two of which are double-heft, and all gussets and hardware to assemble and attach to your Bench.

The Auto master. moves the striking point of a spanking machine on which it’s being used. The Auto master is self-contained and smart… it uses it’s own microcomputer to drive an actuator based on your instructions. The Auto master secures between the  paddles ram and its standard mount. The Auto master system moves the striking point across a range of up to 6″, and can be used in any position (standing, lying down, etc). The system initializes by zeroing the actuator to a fully retracted position. Set the Range knob to control the maximum extension up to the 6″ maximum, and change it ant any time during your session. The Auto master then keys off your spanker’s strokes. The Speed knob provides motion from none (0) to a fairly rapid movement. Across the knob’s range, motion can be set to act every 1, 2, or 3 strokes. Distance per move is adjustable within this range. Turn the Speed knob fully clockwise and you get a random move pace.

Large Perspex Paddle. 3/8″ thick and clear with a narrow handle and wider striking surface. This ultra-durable paddle is a great overall end effector. Balanced between sting and thud

Computer interface. This little box plugs into your computer using a USB interface, using the program Provided you will be able  to preset your punishment before being locked on the bench and letting the program go to work. The program allows.

– Manual tab, providing limited controls in an easy-to-use large button format
– Automatic Modes tab, providing detailed performance controls to let the computer run the machine
– Optional Burst function in automatic modes, with full user controls
– Delay Until Start lets the solo player start the action but leave themselves as much time as they need to get in position
– End Session After lets you tell the system to stop the session after a number of strokes or minutes
– Settings adjustable during automatic play, allowing on-the-fly pattern changes
– Segments tab saves and recalls automatic mode settings for instant use
– Sessions tab saves and recalls “sessions”, a designed collection of segments to create a unique spanking session
– Recording tab, lets you record and replay a series of strokes… for example, record a simulation of your favorite video scene
– Send and share sessions and recordings with other users
– Native networking, enabling the software to run on one machine while controlling a spanker connected to another anywhere
– Control the TRRS electromagnetic restraint in conjunction with your spanking session

Manual interface. The Hand Control is the brains behind the machine, featuring full-fledged well marked user controls that drive the on board computer. The Custom programming of one or more AUTO functions can be used to set the machine to do what ever you like, this can be used while your on the machine or by some one remotely while your on it, it has a long lead.


We also sell a range of different tools for use with the machine, these are priced at £30 each,

A set of 3 different sized canes, pictured, includes a cane mount and three different canes. Each cane is 30″ long, and made of white fiberglass with smooth rounded ends. The available diameters are 1/4″, 5/16″, and 3/8″ for a range of delivered sensations. The pair of mount blocks orient in different ways to firmly hold the three different canes. This is the perfect accessory for anyone who likes caning! Fast-moving and light, canes are stingy implements.

The Oak Ruler paddle, pictured, is well-crafted and finished with clear coat. It is a single piece of American Red Oak measuring 30″ long, 1-5/8″ wide, and 3/4″ thick. This is a stout, narrow paddle that delivers a solid whack. Generally thuddy, with edges rounded overs that minimize accompanying sting.

Staged Paddle Set, pictured, consist of three parts of 1/4″ Lexan (polycarbonate) used together to provide several spanking sensations. You will always use the longest piece, which is the striker with  The two Back strikers with one or both shorter pieces to adjust the flexibility and create your perfect sensation. Mostly stingy.


Please note that these items are all new and not used, they may have some marks from shipping on them, these do not impact on the way the device looks or works, just small cosmetic things that can with time be polished out.

The pictured compressor is not provided in this listing, it was just shown to highlight that you will require one, the reason we dont provide on is, you may choose to use a smaller or larger one and every one is different, we are happy to explain to you about types and help you make that choice. Compressors can be picked up second hand for relitivly cheap prices (£20) for a good one.
All items are made and sent from the usa please be aware of that before buying.

Finally because this spanking machine can do harm, we cannot condone or recommend its use on any Human or living creature, we sell this item as a novelty item only and we will not be held responsible for any injury sustained while using it.


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