Straight Fixed Handcuffs inside diameter is 5.6 cm


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Here im selling Ellipse shape (ovoid olivary oval shaped), more comfortable.
These New Irish 8 Handcuffs, have a sleek single-hinge, clamp-down design. This single hinge feature makes it possible to open and close the cuffs in one single motion.

The nearly invisible screw-in style locking mechanism, featured in this design, makes this set of handcuffs appear virtually impossible to open, thus intensifying the exciting feeling of being securely restrained…permanently!

This handcrafted item is made of Stainless Steel . It is heavy, yet comfortable and will be a very unique addition to your collection.

The maximal inside diameter is 5.6 cm, the width is 2.0 cm.

(2) The weight of this item is approximately 450g.


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