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Sissy pink Corset Jacket

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Sissy Pink Corset Jacket.

This item is so so cute, and i am the only person to stock it the UK.
Its made out of Baby sissy pink pvc

This item is steal boned, Please dont get put off by this if you think plastic would be nicer, its not, what happens with plastic is, it will not hold you, so you find parts of you bulging, this looks rubbish and also hurts! Because this has steel boning weather you want to dance the night away or sit down in the pub all night, you know your noting to be in pain, and you not going to have a problem with the item slipping or moving.
Basicly ask any one that knows about corsets and they wont touch plastic boning with a barge pole!

This item has a modesty panel as well, this is to stop the skin in your back showing for all round better look.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

Note: For the best results we recommend you order 4 inches below your normal waist size.


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