8 Piece Chastity Belt Set (Male, Black)


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8 Piece Chastity Belt Set (Male, Black)

Fully adjustable six piece stainless steel chastity kit. All chains and locks included.


Inner collar: 13.5cm

Handcuffs: 18 – 19cm

Arm cuffs: 36 – 37cm

Bra: 90 – 110cm

Chastity belt: 80 – 110cm (crotch portion can also be adjusted)

Thigh rings: 47 – 49cm

Knee rings: 45 – 46cm

Lower leg rings: 36 – 37cm

Leg cuffs: 25 – 26cm

Plug: 11.9 x 2.8cm

If you need larger size we can get this customised to larger and smaller sizes, just drop us a message before you buy and we can address this.

Please note this device is sold as a novelty item and we do not recommend its use. Use at your own risk!


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