Male Chastity Belt with external tube and chain


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This Device is one of the roles Royce of chastity if you wish to be locked up or your partner wishes you to be locked up,
long period of time then this is the belt for you!

The belt has a rubber lining which allows you to wear this item for days weeks months and even years,
I have had customers who have actually done a large amount of time in one of these belts and only have good words to say about it,
even if they wish to get out they praise the far the rubber lining does not cause rubs which a lot of belts of this type cause the fact the tube  is open not closed because although the closed tube belts look nice, you cannot clean your self so the belt must be removed to do so this way the belt still does its job but does allow cleaning.

This belt is fully adjustable, 65 – 110 cm.The Belt has many different holes for size options you can explore which is the correct size for you find the side that allows you to wear this day to and also allows the belt to do its job day to day. once found you simply pop in the press studs provided with the belt and there you have it, your belt is now designed to fit you.
But also here is the best part say you change size put on or loose weight, well you dont need a new belt! UN like the rest of them on eBay, you simply remove the belt drill out the press studs and then re adjust the belt to fit your new size, so for a few pounds you have a new belt.

The belt has a had a chain that runs from back to front to stop pull outs.

I also have in stock the rubbers, some times in the past i have had emails stating for what ever reason the rubbers have been damaged,
well we all know ascendents happen and has i felt that this belt was expensive enough (Still cheapest one eBay and the web!) with out some one having to again buy a full belt, i decided to also keep a stock of replacement rubbers and also parts for this belt, so that i could help people out down the line.


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