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Chastity Belt w/ Cage, Thigh Bands & Bra (Male)


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Chastity Belt w/ Cage, Thigh Bands & Bra (Male)

This belt has a black rubber lining which allows you to wear this item for days, weeks, months or even years. It has many different holes for size options, so you can explore which is the correct size for you. Once the right size is found you simply pop in the press studs provided with the belt and there you have it, your belt is now designed to fit you. If you should change size, putting on or loosing weight, you don’t need a new belt, simply remove the belt drill out the press studs and then readjust to fit your new size. This device has a urethral tube for added security with can be removed.

It also comes with thigh bands that attach to the belt and attach to them selves to limit your gate, but also these are detachable if you so wish. And finally it has a bra attachment which is lockable so it cannot be removed with out the key holder’s say so.

Size: 65 – 110cm


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