Black Latex Rubber Gummi Bodysuit


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These suits are superb quality and we have been selling them for many years – they are strong, hard wearing and look fantastic, ether left natural, or shined up! They are made from 100% black latex, 0.55mm thick and features attached gloves and socks. The suit features a zip which starts at the back of the neck and descends down the back and up to the top of the crotch area, ensuring a snug fit whilst also allowing any special access required.

In addition, this comes with the option to buy an open fronted 100% latex hood???:

No hood: Features a large hole for your face???.
Hood Eyes And Mouth: The hood is attached to the body and features holes for the mouth and nose.
Hood Eyes Only: The hood is attached to the body and features holes for the mouth only. (please not this has small breathing holes at the nose)

Warning: The eyes only hood may ship without breathing holes. This means that once in you will not be able breath as these are sold to you and will need to have some small air holes put in. This can easily be done with with a hole punch or pin. This will allow you the freedom to allow you to decide how much you need and how you wish to do it. If you wish to give your self minimal air holes and walk around with people wondering how you can do that its your choice and also gives the option of using in conjunction with an air pipe.

Due to this restriction on airflow we must say though we do not recommend the use of this item on any humans or other living creature without a hard air hole being cut of sufficient size to expose your full mouth. Use of this item in any other way is at the risk of the purchaser.

These are made to order, so delivery can be up to 1 month however we will work to get them out quicker than that!

If you are of a larger build please contact us before you buy to make sure this will fit. We can get bigger stuff in custom made for you.

Photo note: the corset, white mask and shoes shown in some pictures are not included.


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